The Most Advanced Personal Content Management System


BLOG:CMS is the most complete, feature-packed, personal publishing system on the market, developed by Radek Hulán. It includes state-of-the-art weblog, forum, wiki engine, news aggregator (atom / rss), and photo gallery.

What do I need to run BLOG:CMS?

  • MySQL 4.0 database (mysql), or MySQL 4.1 database (mysqli), or SQLite database (bundled with PHP 5.0),
  • PHP 4.0.6 or higher, including PHP 5.0.

BLOG:CMS is being deployed on thousands of websites, both personal (example?) and commercial ones (example?).


You can always download the latest release of BLOG:CMS at

These releases are currently available:

  • Release 4.2.1.g (6/6/2011) - weblog, forum, photo gallery, news, wiki and contact sections (2.1MB): blogcms.4.2.1.g.7z,
  • Use 7-zip (truly excellent open-source file archiver) to unpack BLOG:CMS package.

Want more language files? Look at (English, German, Czech and Russian ones are shipped in a default download package).

After download see Documentation Section for complete installation instructions.

Latest release notes

Version 4.2.1.g: fixed security issues reported by Stefan Schurtz .

License and credits?

We believe in power of open-source software, thus we provide BLOG:CMS under GNU General Public License version 2.

Most core BLOG:CMS libs (600KB) are based on code by Wouter Demuynck, © 2002-2003, and consequently modified by Radek Hulán, © 2004-2005.

Most plugins (2500KB) are written from scratch by Radek Hulán, © 2003-2005, and other authors.

Forum component is based on PunBB, photo gallery on Singapore Photo Gallery and wiki engine on Dokuwiki.