The Most Advanced Personal Content Management System


An overview of the most important BLOG:CMS features is given below.

Standards compliance

BLOG:CMS is probably the only system that is not only w3c valid, but also ships with application/xhtml+xml MIME type by default, for top performance on modern browsers like Mozilla, Firefox, Safari and Opera. But BLOG:CMS will also automatically supply older standard, text/html, to browsers which cannot handle this, like obsolete Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Maintenance of one or more weblogs/news-sites

With BLOG:CMS, you can set up one or more weblogs. If you want to, you can even show the contents of multiple weblogs on the same page.

Integrated Forum

With BLOG:CMS, you can host discussions to your articles in either your weblog, or in a forum. This gives you much more possibilities and freedom for larger discussions. BLOG:CMS members are automatically registered in your forum as well, and within your weblog you can see date and time of last forum post for each article.

Integrated Photo Gallery

Today, when digital cameras are more common than traditional ones, personal presentation without a Photo Gallery almost could not exists. BLOG:CMS ships with Singapore Photo Gallery, using GD2 and/or ImageMagic to create thumbnails.

Wiki engine

Wiki engine is a great tool for any documentation needs, for colaboration on projects. Anybody can add information to Wiki resource. Some of the worlds biggest knowledge resources are based on Wiki engines. BLOG:CMS comes with Dokuwiki engine, one of the best, and standards compliant.

Multiple Authors

You can set up a team of authors for each blog, with a separate login and different rights for each member.

Categories and sub-categories

Within a weblog, you can set up one or more categories and sub-categories. Each item you add in your weblog will be put in one of these categories.

WYSIWYG article editing

BLOG:CMS ships with a WYSIWYG article editor, provided by FCKEditor and tinyRTE scripts, and also with automatic lines to paragraphs conversion, for advanced users.

Textile article editing

BLOG:CMS comes also with a textile plugin, for those who prefer this formatting option, and SmartyPants plugin, for automatic straight-quotes to curly-quotes convertion.

Built-in commenting system

BLOG:CMS provides a built-in Commenting System, so there's no need for external blogtools.

In addition to these BLOG:CMS provides also Comment Preview system, and Comment Control system, fully tweakable in BLOG:CMS plugin options.

A karma-voting system is also provided.


BLOG:CMS can provide URLs optimized for both readers and search engines, like:


Runs on your own server

Since BLOG:CMS runs on your own server, you'll suffer less from network outages.

Drafts and Future Posts

In a hurry? Need some more thinking? Mark an item as draft and continue working on it later. Or would you like an item to only appear starting from a certain date? Mark it as a future item.

Fully Tweakable

The way your BLOG:CMS site looks is fully tweakable through skins and templates, and multiple CSS files. Next to that, the language used by BLOG:CMS can easily be changed using language-files.


Additional features can be programmed in so called plugins. This allows you to have the features you want, without having the BLOG:CMS core to become bloated. The BLOG:CMS plugin interface offers plugin authors lots of flexibility.

Bookmarklet and right-click blogging

So, you're visiting a site and want to write something about it on your weblog. No need to open the admin area, just open the bookmarklet or use the right-click context menu option and an add-item window will popup. Easy!

Archives and search

Archives for your weblogs are automatically managed by BLOG:CMS, and a search function is provided to look up old items.

BLOG:CMS also features highhlighting search terms, both in articles, and in comments! When a user comes from a search engine, keywords from referrer are shown on a BLOG:CMS page, and highlighted in article body, and all comments as well.

In addtition to daily and monthly archives, calendar with links to days you've posted is provided as well.


BLOG:CMS provides wealth of statistical information to your readers, and yourself:


  • Articles with most karma points.
  • Most viewed articles.
  • Recent articles.


  • Latest individual comments.
  • Latest discussions / articles with active discussion.
  • Most commented.

Blog log:

  • Track referrers to your site, and to every single page (shown only to registered users).
  • Log IPs, browsers, OSes.

RSS and Atom syndication

An RSS headline syndication channel is provides (as a skin). This allows for easy inclusion of the latest items of your site on other sites.

BLOG:CMS provides following feeds:

  • RSS 0.91 article excerpts,
  • RSS 0.91 full articles,
  • RSS 1.0,
  • RSS 2.0,
  • RSS 2.0 feed of last 20 comments,
  • RSS 2.0 feed of current article with comments,
  • Atom 0.3 feed,
  • WAP feed (XHTML 1.0 Mobile).

XML-RPC interface: Blogger & metaWeblog API

BLOG:CMS provides an implementation of the Blogger XML-RPC API and the metaWeblog API. This means that BLOG:CMS can be used with tools like w.Bloggar and MozBlog.

Conversion scripts

So, you are currently using another blogtool and are worried about losing your archives? Worry no longer, since conversion tools are provided that import your Movable Type, WordPress, PostNuke, or EasyBlog weblogs into BLOG:CMS.

File/Image Upload

Want to include an image in an item? Open the media popup, choose a file to upload and off you go! No need to open an FTP program and upload the file manually.


Some nasty people screwing up your comments? Ban their IP address or IP range or nickname from further comments/votes.


With a simple click you can create a backup version of the database contents.

Other features?

  • Chat (shoutbox).
  • CSS style switcher.
  • Email your articles.
  • Fulltext-search of local, related, articles.
  • Fully integrated search (using google API, SOAP) of related outside articles.
  • Fully integrated search.
  • GZip your website.
  • Print your articles.
  • Run polls, even with multiple questions.
  • Trackback.
  • Weather forecast / current weather plugin for all major cities in the world.
  • Who is online plugin (tracks members and visitors active within last 30 minutes).

What do I need to run BLOG:CMS?

You'll need the following (if you don't know where to find version information, ask your system administrator).

  • A server running PHP 4.0.6 or higher (4.2+ is recommended), with PHP 5.0 supported as well,
  • Access to a MySQL database (MySQL 3.23.x or above), with MySQL 4.1 being supported as well, and/or SQLite database (bundled with PHP 5.0).